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Oracle home contains invalid characters

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04 мая 2020

Last updated on JANUARY 22, 2020

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When attempting to install Weblogic, the following error occurs:

[VALIDATION] [ERROR]:INST-07004: Oracle home location contains one or more invalid characters
[VALIDATION] [SUGGESTION]:The directory name may only contain alphanumeric, underscore (_), hyphen (-), or dot (.) characters, and it must begin with an alphanumeric character. Provide a different directory name.
installation Failed. Exiting installation due to data validation failure. Logs are located here: C:.
Press Any key to exit

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

  1. Launch the Weblogic install in command line
  2. See error in command window



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ORA-00911: invalid character

ORA-00911: invalid character
Cause: identifiers may not start with any ASCII character other than letters and numbers. $#_ are also allowed after the first character. Identifiers enclosed by doublequotes may contain any character other than a doublequote. Alternative quotes (q’#. #’) cannot use spaces, tabs, or carriage returns as delimiters. For all other contexts, consult the SQL Language Reference Manual.
Action: None

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ORA-00911 exception is very common and usually occurs for common syntax mistakes. ORA-00911 occurs usually when a programmer makes one of the following mistakes

1. when a special character is added in an SQL statement with column name

2. when some non-printable/special character added because of paste of sql statement from other editer (usually Acute` instead of quote’)

3. when string is not enclosed by single quotes in where clause condition

4. when a extra semicolon (;) is added to end the query

5. when semicolon (;) is added to end the query in execute immediate of pl/sql

6. when semicolon (;) is added to end the query executing from programming language like .net or java

How to solve this problem? Or is there any other weblogic jar files needs to be used?

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Set the ORACLE_HOME argument when executing the Java command at the command-line: i.e.:

The issue is solved. I changed the JDK location to C driver "C:" from "C:program files".

Apparently the following error is important:

The problem is the space in the middle of "Program Files". Do to the limitations on the name you can’t even use the 8-character abbreviated name for Program Files (usually PROGRA

1 ). I suggest you install WebLogic directly into the root of your C: drive, so try using C:weblogic .

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