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Scanner driver will be terminated

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04 мая 2020

У меня CanoScan LiDE 25 , при попытке сканировать он выдает ошибку и пишет " Разблокируйте фиксатор , отсоедените , а затем подсоедените кабель интерфейса . Драйвер сканера будет закрыт. "
Я пробовала отключать, переустанавливала драйвера , но ничего не помогло . Может кто знает что надо делать ? Помогите пожалуйста .

У меня вылечилось отключением шнура сканера от ПК, затем перезагрузка, и подключением сканера после загрузки ПК

Cannot scan scanner driver will be terminated 255,0,0

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 10, 2014

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Canon printer scaning error 255,0,0 how it solve?

Canon mf3010 scan driver error there is not enough free space to complete the scan freeup available disk space scanner driver will be terminated

The scanner is not available while in use by another application or user i get this darn error. I use this scan multiple times a day and all of a sudden i see this. why?

The error message could be Twain Driver error or ScandAll pro Application error. Please go through the followings:


Error Code: [SA01020E] No scanner is found.
There is a possibility that no scanner is connected, the connected scanner is not turned on, or the scanner is currently used by some other application.

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Status: [Scan] or [Select Scanner] is specified, but no connected scanner is found. Or, the scanner is currently used by some other application.

Action: Make sure that the scanner is connected and is turned on. If the scanner is currently used by some other application, use the scanner after the application ends. Make sure that the driver selected on the [Scan] tab of [Preferences] in the [Tool] menu is installed correctly.


-The scanner may be OFF or not connected. Check the power supply of the scanner or connection with PC.
-The scanner may be already in use by other application or the "Scanner and Camera" in [Control Panel].Close other application or "Scanner and Camera" in [Control Panel]

A scanner requires a proper connection to a computer to be able to store scanned documents.

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Device drivers are the programs that enable computers to communicate with installed hardware such as scanners. When a computer does not recognize an otherwise functioning scanner that is connected to it via its USB, serial or parallel port, the problem is usually caused by outdated, corrupted or incompatible device drivers. This is usually easily remedied by obtaining and installing new drivers. Worn, crimped or defective cables can also cause computers to fail to recognize scanners.

Outdated Drivers

The drivers that are supplied with a scanner often need to be updated when the operating system of a computer is updated. In some cases, it is only some features of the scanner that are not available when older drivers are used. In other cases, the computer does not recognize the scanner at all. Scanner manufacturers usually provide new drivers for updated operating systems on their websites. When you download and install a new driver, your computer usually recognizes the scanner either immediately or after the computer is restarted.

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Corrupted Drivers

The code in device-driver files can become corrupted due to any one of a number of reasons, most common among which are power failure and user error. Clicking on a corrupted device-driver control panel may produce an error message, although it is often impossible to know for certain that a driver has become corrupted. Removing the affected hardware from the computer’s list of devices and then reinstalling the driver before restarting the computer is the best way to fix this problem.

Incompatible Drivers

Device drivers for older scanners may no longer be compatible with newer computers, especially if the scanner was manufactured long before the operating system of the computer was released. Deleting the old driver and letting the computer detect the scanner as a generic scanner with its automatic device-installation function may allow use of the basic functions of an older scanner. However, some older scanners will not function at all with newer operating systems.

Defective or Damaged Cables

Computer cables are generally rugged, but an errant vacuum cleaner, shoe heel, office pet or closet door can crimp or otherwise damage a USB, serial or parallel cable that connects a scanner to a computer. This damage may not be visible, and it is usually impossible to detect manufacturing defects in a cable. If it is clear that there are no device-driver conflicts that keep a computer from recognizing a scanner, replacing the connecting cable may solve the problem.

Other Possible Causes

A defective or worn scanner may no longer be able to transmit the images it scans to a computer and in that case, the computer may not recognize it as the driver can no longer detect its presence. A defective USB, serial or parallel port will also prevent transfer of data. Checking a scanner on another computer or testing a port with another device can determine whether a scanner or port is defective. Defective scanners usually cannot be repaired, whereas it is possible to replace a defective port.

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